Sanquin Academy

Team and teachers

The team of the Sanquin Academy and a random selection of our teachers introduce themselves below and tell more about their specialism and experience.

Lecturers at the Sanquin Academy are experts in their field and have many years of practical experience. Sanquin Academy provides educational training for its teachers and stimulates the development of new didactic work forms and learning methods. The Sanquin Academy connects professionals with regard to content and creates meetings for knowledge sharing between the teachers, with which we keep the Sanquin Academy’s offer up-to-date and innovative.

  • Anouk Wagenaar

    Anouk is founder of the Sanquin Academy. She is an experienced organizational expert and has a passion for Sanquin's knowledge. Provides advice on a strategic level in development processes and at the same time likes to provide training to stay close to its customers. She provides training in the field of collaboration, innovation and leadership. In the Sanquin Academy she likes to bring people together on the content and challenges them in the interaction to create more value for the patient.

  • Kim Dijkman

    Kim is a Project Officer at the Sanquin Academy & Hid. Has experience in planning and organizing events and training and gets a lot of energy from contact with people. She also focuses on keeping the Sanquin Academy website and the Hid website up to date. Please contact Kim at about questions about the website, communication and planned events and training.

  • Joep Mesman

    Joep is a Project Officer at Sanquin Academy & Hid. he has a background in the training and events sector. Joep enjoys contact with clients, participants and teachers, organising and planning. Please contact Joep at regarding questions about planned events and/or training courses.

  • Peter Lighthart

    Peter has been working for Sanquin in the Immunohematology Diagnostics department for over 30 years. His expertise is erythrocyte blood groups, serological and genetic and the link between them. He has been teaching for about 25 years. He teaches the modules IHDIIA, IHDIIB, Blood transfusion a problem?, Immunohematology and Blood Banking. He gets the most satisfaction from simplifying complex subjects, preferably with simple figures, and making participants enthusiastic about his favorite subjects.

  • Masja de Haas

    After her medical training at Sanquin Research, Masja delved into issues in the field of immune reactions against blood. Sanquin Diagnostics advise clinical chemists, doctors and midwives on this type of problem. She also enjoys sharing this knowledge, both during the education of (bio)medical students at the LUMC, where she works as a professor, and during the various immunohematology modules: IHIIA and IHIIB, on location or online for custom courses.

  • Hans Zaaijer

    Hans is a medical microbiologist and head of Blood Transmitted Infections at Sanquin.

  • Berdine Sijtsma

    Berdine Sijtsma is a senior KNMG donor doctor at Sanquin within the Medical Donor Affairs department. Her expertise lies in particular in emerging blood-borne infectious diseases, anti-D and donor counselling. She provides the following modules: Donor counseling, in addition DASIO-V training courses, requalification lessons donor assistants, webinars interns, reference hours, WHO, training call center employees.

  • Thomas Klei

    Thomas has a background in biomedical sciences. He works at Sanquin Blood Bank as a manager in the Product and Process Development (PPO) department. His specialty is red blood cell breakdown. PPO is a research department where they try to optimize the quality of existing blood products on the one hand and to develop new blood products for which there is a demand from hospitals on the other. Together with Niels Koopmans, he provides the module 'Taking donor blood'. In this module they discuss topics such as the design of blood bag systems, blood collection, storage conditions and bacterial contamination.

  • Marinke van 't Hoff

    Marinke van 't Hoff is an experienced legal advisor, manager, mediator and trainer. With an eye for all interests. Since 2001 Marinke enjoys working in complex environments of spatial issues. The interests are often large and diverse. She regularly supervises mediations and negotiations, with both public and private parties. It also develops (new) processes and strategies for collaboration with parties. Marinke also provides training in the field of mediation and collaboration. She also coaches/advises boards of directors, management and employees about collaboration within and outside the organisation.

  • Carlijn Voermans

    Carlijn Voermans (Medical Biologist) is head of the Cell Therapy Department at Sanquin Research &Labservices. Her expertise is particularly in stem cell transplants and cellular therapeutic drugs (ATMPs) and in the field of restorative bone marrow. She teaches the following modules:, stem cells and cellular therapy, (in)trainings for haemato-oncology care providers, referee hours, lectures to bachelor, master and PhD students and lectures at (inter)national conferences.

  • Cindy Menzen

    Cindy Menzen has worked at Sanquin for more than 20 years. She started as a temporary worker in the donor administration at Blood Bank Central Netherlands. After a few years, she became Senior Employee KAM and shortly after that Compliance Officer at Concern Staff KAM. Since December 2020, Cindy has worked in the Release Management Department, QRM unit and is one of the two Responsible Persons at the blood bank. From this role, she chairs the Blood Bank's Education Committee.

  • Judith Somers

  • Claudia Folman

  • Cynthia So - Osman

    Cynthia So-Osman has worked as an internist-transfusion specialist at Sanquin Blood Bank's Transfusion Medicine Unit (UTG) since 2001. She is also portfolio holder and point of contact for matters related to Education, Training (NIV site trainer for the differentiation Transfusion Medicine) and (clinical) Research within the Blood Bank. She also works 1 day a week as a haematologist at Erasmus MC.

  • Jan Voorberg

    Prof. dr. Jan Voorberg is principal investigator at the Sanquin Landsteiner Laboratory of the Amsterdam UMC. His research activities focus on defining pathogenic mechanisms of haemostatic disorders and designing innovative, affordable treatments for patients suffering from these disorders. His current interests focus on the mechanism underlying immune thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and the design of novel gene therapy-based treatment strategies for bleeding disorders.

  • Herm-Jan Brinkman

    Dr Herm-Jan Brinkman is an analytical chemist/biochemist. He has worked at Sanquin (and its predecessor the CLB) since 1982, first as an analyst and later as a researcher. Herm-Jan earned his academic title (PhD) from Utrecht University in 2004 with his PhD thesis entitled: Endothelial cells, their procoagulant side. His research focuses on the regulation of blood coagulation, with a focus on the vessel wall, platelets, protein S, prothrombin complex concentrate and oral anticoagulants. Herm-Jan has been one of the lecturers of the Haemostasis course since 2009.

  • Jessie Luken

    I have been working at Sanquin as a transfusion doctor since 2011. First at the Blood Bank's Transfusion Medicine Unit, and then I transferred to Sanquin Diagnostics, Immunohematology department. I enjoy working there as a clinical consultant, and I combine this work with research on prevention of antibodies against red blood cells through matching during transfusion and selection of donor blood for patients with antibodies. I teach various courses on immunohematology, including for doctors and clinical chemists in training.

  • Linda Creemers

    My name is Linda Creemers and since 15 July 2021 I have been working as Senior Legal Counsel for the Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation and from that capacity as a lecturer for the Sanquin Academy and for the Management Transfusion Medicine (MTM) programme at the University of Groningen. In addition to my work at Sanquin, I am also a member-lawyer of the Disciplinary Tribunal for Healthcare in Amsterdam.

  • Maarten Koot

    Got his PhD at the CLB, the predecessor of Sanquin, on HIV pathogenesis. Now responsible for the Sanquin Diagnostics Department "Virology and MAT services" and in that capacity also closely involved in the screening and confirmation of Sanquin blood donors.

  • Hans Vrielink

    Hans is portfolio manager for Apheresis in the Transfusion Medicine Department of Sanquin Blood Supply and senior expert at Sanquin Consulting Services. At Consulting Services, he is involved in training and advising international organisations and governments in low- and middle-income countries on blood banking, transfusion medicine and apheresis.

  • Saskia Spelmink

    Saskia Spelmink, Donor doctor KNMG (profile doctor), has worked at Sanquin as a transfusion doctor within the medical affairs unit since 2010. As a transfusion doctor, her responsibilities include coordinating applications for special blood products and advising hospitals on transfusion medicine. Her focus area is haemovigilance (monitoring side effects and adverse incidents throughout the transfusion chain from donor to patient, as well as anything that can contribute to safer and more effective use of blood products).

  • Roland Kivit

    Employed since 01-Jun-1992 based in Leeuwarden. 'All-round' doctor: 20 upw Transfusion doctor and 16 upw Donor doctor KNMG.

  • Liselot Bomers

    Liselot is a professionalization & collaboration consultant. Experienced leadership coach and designer of meaningful encounters. Her expertise lies in behavioral change issues. She provides various training courses on didactics, leadership and (team) cooperation. Her focus is on connection, inspiration and development. ‘Our lives take on meaning in interaction – ensure an open mind and a warm heart’

  • Ivan Bank

    Dr. Ivan Bank, internist haematologist/transfusion specialist Sanquin Unit Transfusion Medicine Unit Expertise: hemostasis, thrombosis, hematology, transfusion medicine, education. Modules: Module Hemostasis (coordinator and teacher), Module Application blood products (teacher)

  • Monique Verschuur

    Monique has been working for Sanquin Blood Bank within the Donor Affairs department for over 30 years. She is a team leader at the collection location in Den Bosch. In this role she was involved 10 years ago in setting up the DASIO training, both in theory and in practice. In practice, they started working with practical counselors who provide “on-the-job training”. The module Didactic Skills for practical counselors has been created to provide practical guidance to the Practitioners. She is an enthusiastic practical trainer who likes to link practical examples to theory. For this she uses her many years of experience as a team leader.