The Sanquin Academy has been in existence for a year and a half in its new jacket. A new place on the Health & Innovation district, a new team, a new website, logo and partly a new offer. Definitely an exciting time, because do the loyal visitors still know how to find the Sanquin modules? But how you surprised us and how proud we are that we succeeded. More than 1000 participants have found us in the past year and participated in courses, Webinars and tailor-made programs. In this newsletter we tell you more about knowledge sharing and meeting at the Sanquin Academy.

The enthusiasm to gain knowledge is very great among our participants. And not only the participants are knowledge slurpers, our teachers can also do some of it. They constantly sharpen their modules with newly acquired knowledge. That is not surprising, because careful exchange and use of knowledge is necessary to achieve successful innovative changes. In recent years, it has become clear what the social importance of effective and innovative healthcare is. We have to be agile and be able to respond quickly to any unexpected situation. Good knowledge sharing and cooperation are of vital importance in this. And that is exactly what we want to achieve with the Sanquin Academy. We want to offer an inspiring place where professionals can come together and give priority to professionalization, meeting and reflection.

Our teachers are the beating heart of the Sanquin Academy. They are the subject matter experts and know a lot about blood-related diseases. We would therefore like to introduce a teacher to you in every newsletter. Being an expert doesn’t automatically mean it’s easy to effectively share your knowledge and inspire others. That is why our teachers are trained in didactic skills. You can read more about this in this newsletter. Even if you are a professional outside Sanquin, who shares a lot of knowledge, you can participate in the didactic skills training. You can also read in this newsletter about the experiences of our participants at the Sanquin Webinars and about the importance of learning organizations. As a team of the Sanquin Academy, we have big ambitions and we want to work innovatively and effectively. Do you have any tips, ideas about new modules or anything else you’d like to share? Mail or call us!

For now, have fun reading and see you at the Sanquin Academy!

Anouk Wagenaar, Yentl Dirks and Kim Dijkman

Team Sanquin Academy